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Past Incidents

28th July 2020

Possible delays with automated emails Third-party services
  • Fixed - 

    Our third-party email service provider has confirmed that the issue with email delivery has been resolved.

    Jul 29, 08:09 EST
  • Fixed - 

    Our third-party email service provider has reported that users may be experiencing email delays. We are monitoring the progress as they work to resolve this issue and will provide an update when this is resolved.

    Jul 28, 14:22 EST
  • 20th July 2020

    Site loading issues
  • Fixed - 

    This issue is now resolved. An update with details will be coming shortly.

    Update: Our server instance ran out of memory due in part to the extra traffic this morning (and ongoing) and because of the backlog from the weekend.

    Jul 20, 12:59 EST
  • Fixed - 

    Our development team is aware of the issues with some sites not loading and are actively investigating. Update coming shortly.

    Jul 20, 12:50 EST
  • 17th July 2020

    Issues with syncing to DonorPerfect and confirmation emails Givecloud
  • Fixed - 

    The backlog of unsynced orders and confirmation emails has been processed. If you have any additional questions, please contact

    Jul 21, 11:15 EST
  • Identified - 

    We are in the process of going through the backlog and syncing unsynced orders. We will post an update when complete.

    Jul 20, 14:21 EST
  • Fixed - 

    On Friday 17th July, Google did quarterly maintenance on our server instance. This included a restart which paused our queue workers. This resulted in email notifications and orders being synced to DonorPerfect being backlogging until earlier today when they were unpaused. We've added an additional health check to our monitoring to better detect this moving forward.

    Jul 17, 20:00 EST
  • Site Connectivity Issue Givecloud
  • Fixed - 

    From 5PM EDT to 5:02PM EDT, there were intermittent connectivity issues affecting all Givecloud sites.

    Jul 17, 16:00 EST
  • 13th July 2020

    Images were not loading
  • Fixed - 

    From 8PM EDT to 840PM EDT, there was an incident that affected the loading of images on all Givecloud sites. Our development team investigated and found that a few of the CDN edge nodes were serving an old SSL certificate that expired at 8PM EDT. We have reapplied the CDN configuration pushing the correct SSL certificate to edge nodes.

    If you have any questions, please email

    Jul 13, 20:00 EST